Betterbird : Modified Version of Mozilla Thunderbird

For accessing email messages conveniently from the comfort of a desktop PC, we need a desktop email client software such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. An email client is a software that allows you to manage your email accounts, read incoming email messages and send email messages to others. Some of these email client software also provide additional features such as news aggregation.

While Mozilla Thunderbird has been very popular for more than a decade, there is a new email client software called Betterbird which is based on the Thunderbird code. Betterbird is a newer email client that builds on the Thunderbird codebase but it adds new features and removes some not so popular features.

Betterbird aims to provide a modern, intuitive and customizable user interface for email management. It has features such as a unified inbox, customizable themes, a clean and minimalist design, and integrations with popular productivity tools like Trello, Asana, and Google Calendar. It makes use of the latest web technologies, which allows for faster performance and easier updates.


Betterbird adds some of the features that were requested by the Thunderbird users a long time ago but were never considered by the Mozilla developers. For example, searching through the use of regular expressions (RegEx) has been requested from Thunderbird since 1999 but this request was never fulfilled. On the other hand Betterbird has already added this feature. You can view the features table comparing Betterbird and Thunderbird at

Betterbird offers easy adaptation for the Thunderbird users because it can use the Thunderbird user profiles as it is. If you have been using Thunderbird already, then you can install Betterbird too. When you launch Betterbird, you can choose the Thunderbird user profiles and it will automatically fetch email from your email accounts. You can then compare Thunderbird and Betterbird side by side.

You can download Betterbird from