WinSpeedUp : Tune Up All Versions of Windows

Just like your car keeps working good if you get it serviced regularly, your Windows PC also needs regular maintenance. On the hardware side, you can clean the dust and lubricate any moving parts such as the cooling fans. And on the software side, you can similarly clean the folders and remove the unnecessary and junk files.

For  cleaning and tuning up a Windows PC, we can use WinSpeedUp. It is a cleaning tool that has been around for a very long time. According to the developers, it still supports Windows 95/98 (if someone in this world is still using these very dated operating systems). On the other hand, it also works with the latest version of Windows 11. Based on the version of Windows you are running, it will enable or disable some features.

When we launch WinSpeedUp for the first time, it asks for choosing a user mode – the beginner mode or the advanced mode. This setting can later be changed from the WinSpeedUp preferences. The beginner mode hides the options which could cause harm if used by novice. If you in-depth knowledge of Windows operating system, then you can try the advanced user mode.


WinSpeedUp has a small window with many categories. Under the Cleanup category, you can find tools to clean unnecessary files such as histories, recycle bin, cookies, temporary files, browser cache, etc. There are also shortcutss to some useful programs for defragmentation, backup and disk cleanup.

WinSpeedUp is a little utility that we can use to tinker with some of the hidden settings on Windows. It offers access to many options that Windows does not otherwise give you access to. The tool cleans the junk files, optimizes the internet connections, cleans the RAM and speeds up the start of programs.


While some of the features in WinSpeedUp work in all versions of Windows, some features look very outdated. For example, it still shows options for Internet Explorer even though Internet Explorer has already been discontinued by Microsoft and there are no options for the replacement Edge web browser.

You can download WinSpeedUp from