BitWallpaper : Candle-Stick Charts for Cryptocurrency

In the world of stock exchanges and cryptocurrencies, they use a special type of chart called “candlestick chart”. It is named after the shapes that it makes at each interval. It shows four values in just one candle stick pattern – high, low, open and close values of a cryptocurrency in a time interval. If the candle stick closes higher than the open, it is shown in the green color. If the candlestick closes lower than the open then it is shown in the red color. Just by looking at the color of the candlesticks, we can tell that the value of the shares or cryptocurrencies is going up or coming down.

If you also invest in the cryptocurrencies then you can track their values everyday using a candlestick chart through an open-source app called BitWallpaper. Even though the app is titled “wallpaper” it has nothing to do with the desktop wallpaper for the desktop computer.

BitWallpaper is available for Windows through two online places – we can download it from its GitHub website and then we can download it from the Microsoft App Store. According to the developer, this app does not collect any information from is usage.


In the BitWallpaper app, the value of cryptocurrencies is displayed in terms of Japanese Yen. It displays a number of cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more. In total, it supports a total of twenty four cryptocurrencies.

We can easily select the cryptocurrency from the sidebar in the BitWallpaper user interface. It will instantly display the candlestick chart for that currency. Just like the candlestick charts from a stock broker site, you can choose the chart intervals from 1 minute to many months. A shorter interval is used for short term investment and a longer interval is used for long term investment in the cryptocurrencies.

You can download BitWallpaper from