BingGPT : Desktop App for Bing AI Powered Chatbot

After OpenAI’s ChatGPT’s immense success, Google, Microsoft also announced their own AI bots. Google’s chatbot is being called Bard and Microsoft has already added the AI based chat to the Bing search. If you have been granted access to Bing AI chat, then you can visit the Bing search engine website ( The link to “Chat” is available from the webpage as well as Bing app for mobile devices.

If you are a Windows user, then you can also use a desktop app called “BingGPT for Windows” which  also brings Bing’s AI chatbot to your computer in form of a desktop application. The same app is also available for other platforms such as Linux, macOS, and more. When we launch BingGPT, it asks the user to sign-in to your Microsoft account. You can sign in to your Microsoft account and then it will display a familiar interface.

BingGPT Desktop App

It is the same BingGPT user interface that you would see on the Bing search. In the application we see two tabs which divide its window into “Chat” and “Compose” sections. The latter does not deliver chat results, but is primarily able to write texts in different tonalities, e-mails or posts.

In the “Chat” tab, you an choose one the of three available modes – creative, balanced and precise. Based on these modes, the BingGPT will give you specially formatted answers. For example, we can ask it about imaginative conversations and it gives very creative answers.

BingGPT Desktop App

Similarly,  the other tab which is labeled “Compose” can be used to make Bing GPT write paragraphs, or essays based on the topic of your choice. You have to type in the suggestive description. After that, you have to choose a tone – such as profssional, casual, informational, funny,  and enthusiastic etc. You can choose the format such as paragraph, writing for email messages, ideas and blogpost. We can also set the length of the composition such as short, medium or long.

You can download BingGPT from