Flush Site Data : Remove Private Data in Firefox Browser

One of my friends Ashley is always worried and very cautious when using any of the online banking sites. She keeps cleaning the browsing history and cookies many times after using the bank sites. Lately she had been asking me for a faster way to remove all the history, cache and cookies. So I told her about the good old hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Del which works in both the Firefox and the Chrome web browsers. But according to her it was not fast enough and needed so many selections to be made.

This is when I discovered a simple and sweet Firefox extension called Flush Site Data. The title of this extension says everything about what it is going to do. After the installation of this Firefox extension, you will see a new icon in the toolbar. If you do not see any icon, then you can click on the plugin icon and select this new Flush Site Data extension’s icon.

Flush Site Data

Whenever you want to remove all the data from the open tabs, just click on this Flush Site Data icon in the toolbar. It will remove everything from all the sites. However, your Firefox browser won’t become like it was never used before. This is because it does not remove everything such as downloads, history, passwords and auto-complete data. It will remove cache, cookies, localStorage, sessionStorage, indexedDB, serviceWorkers and pluginData from your Firefox web browser. It can be said that it removes only the data which is considered related to the user privacy.

Flush Site Data

If you really want to flush everything then the only way is to delete the Firefox user profile folder. This can also be done by resetting the Firefox web browser. When you start Firefox, it will create a new user profile folder.

You can get the Flush Site Data extension for the Firefox web browser from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/flush-site-data/.