Quick Erase History with Clear Private Data Now for Firefox

So many times it happens that we end up on website that we did not really intended to in the first place. And then we worry about the harmful effects of landing on that webpage. We do not want to erase all the history of the web browser and just want to get rid of the history of that single site.

Even though Mozilla Firefox allows it very easily and we have mentioned that method before, but there is a much faster method. With the help of a web browser extension called “Clear Private Data Now”, we can instantly remove all the private data stored in the local web browser related to the current tab.

This extension has an icon that looks like the toilet cleaner brush and the extension justifies the use of such an icon as well. It cleans and flushes all the private data in the same way as the cleaner brush does.

Clear Private Data Now

Using this extension is very easy. After the installation, it adds an icon in the toolbar of the Firefox web browser. The icon can easily be identified by its unique design. All you have to do is click on this icon and job is done. It will display a message that it has done cleaning.

In the settings of the extension which we can access from about:addons, we can choose which items it is going to clear. In the list of cleaning items, we can select to clean cache, cookies, history, indexedDB, localStorage, serviceWorker, sessionStorage and more. By default the history is not selected because it is not considered private user data.

Clear Private Data Now

All things considered, this “Clear Private Data Now” extension is a very useful tool to have in order to instantly erase all the private user data from any tab. We can also use it to quickly logout from a website.

You can get the “Clear Private Data Now” extension for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/clear-private-data-now/.