How to Add External Programs to 1by1 Toolbar

Ever since I discovered 1by1 directory audio player, I have been using it non-stop everyday. This is the best music player if you have a bunch of audio files in a folder somewhere on your PC. You can launch 1by1, select the folder and hit the play button. It will keep playing all the audio files in that folder until it has played them all. And on top of that, there are hundreds of options to be selected. In addition, it is the most lightweight audio player with so many features.

There is a new feature in 1by1 that I started using recently. It is the ability to add shortcuts to external programs or batch scripts in the toolbar of 1by1. Using these shortcuts we can launch some very frequently used applications from the 1by1 interface.

Add External Programs to 1by1 Toolbar

Here is how you can add external program shortcuts to the toolbar of 1by1:

  1. Launch 1by1 and click on the cogwheel icon in its toolbar. This will open 1by1 configuration window.
  2. In the configuration window, select File Tools under System.
  3. Under the program launcher category, click on the buttons and select the program EXE or BAT file. You can do this with all the three buttons if you want. Place a checkmark in the checkbox next to them.Add External Programs to 1by1 Toolbar
  4. Select Toolbar from under the Control category.
  5. Select all the checkboxes labeled Ext program 1, Ext program 2 and Ext program 3.
  6. If 1by1 shows Restart 1by1 button then click on it to restart it. If this button does not appear, then close 1by1 manually wait 2 seconds and then start it again.Add External Programs to 1by1 Toolbar
  7. Now you will be able to see three new shortcut buttons in the 1by1 toolbar. You can use them to launch the external programs that you picked in step 3 above.

So this is how we can add external applications to the 1by1 toolbar. This is useful for adding programs like audio metadata editor etc.