Session Boss : Save and Restore Sessions in Firefox

We all use web browsers on a daily basis. When we launch a web browser on a computer, it initiates the browser session for that web browser. This browser session ends when we close down all the browser windows for that web browser. For example, if you launched Firefox web browser at 11 AM and closed this window at 3 PM, then your browser session started at 11 AM and lasted 4 hours ending at 3 PM.

During a web browser session we can open various websites, login to online services, fill in forms, interact with sites and download files. Some of the data during a session is lost when that session ends. This means that some of the data is lost as soon as you close the browser.

While Firefox offers to restore the previous session, it does not offer to restore any other sessions from the past. This is why we need an extension like Session Boss which is able to save the current session and reopen it at any later time. This extension adds an icon in the Firefox web browser toolbar. We can click on this icon to choose various options.

Session Boss for Firefox

When we click on the Session Boss icon in the toolbar, we can get three options – save the current session from all Firefox windows, save the current session from the current Firefox window or open the Session Boss window full size. All the saved sessions are listed in the Session Boss window under various tabs such as All Sessions, User Sessions, Scheduled Backup and On-Change Backup.

After you save a session, it monitors whether the session has changed. If it has changed, then it automatically makes a backup under the “on-change backup” tab. Similarly, all saved sessions are scheduled for automatic backup after one day of saving it.

Session Boss for Firefox

Session Boss is very useful when we have to close the Firefox browser but still save the session data. We can also save sessions that we use very frequently or some tabs that we use everyday.

You can get the Session Boss extension for the Firefox web browser from