How to Create a List of Files Using Free WildBit Viewer

When we have to process a large number of files, it is always better to make a list or catalogue first. Without a proper list, we end up missing some or other files because we cannot really keep track of a large set of files manually. Even though we can make a list of files easily using a simple command in the Terminal, there are so many tools which make it easier.

For example, we can use WildBit Viewer for preparing a list of files and export it in many different formats. We can create a list and export it into HTML, plain text files (TXT), CSV, Unicode files (UNI) and rich text files (RTF). Out of these, HTML files are very well formatted and can even be edited or printed.

WildBit Viewer is actually an image viewer application which we have mentioned several times in the past but it packs so many tools that we can use it for so many things other than just viewing the images. We can use it to create a list of the files easily. Here is how:

  1. Launch WildBit Viewer and browse to the folder for which you want to generate the file list.
  2. From the menubar select Tools and then Generate File Listing. Alternatively, you can also use the hotkey Ctrl+G for the same function.Generate File List Using WildBit Viewer
  3. Select an output file in which this list is to be saved. You can change the file type from HTML, TXT, CSV, UNI or RTF.
  4. As soon as you select the output file, it saves the list. You can now open the newly generated list. The generated list can be edited easily as these are all very popular file formats.Generate File List Using WildBit Viewer

You can download WildBit Viewer from It comes in portable format as well which does not require any installation.