NormCap : OCR Powered Free Screen Capture Tool

So any times we take the photo of some important notice or advertisement when walking around in the city. This is much faster and easier than taking out a notepad an pen to take the information down. But when we have taken many many of such photos with the text content in them, it becomes a tedious job to go through them all and extract the text one by one.

A simple OCR application can save your time when you are dealing with such situations. If you also want to have an easy to use screen OCR tool at your disposal, then you can try NormCap. It is an open-source OCR powered screen capture software. It comes with all the tools and OCR libraries already included, which means that you can use it offline and there is no need to download anything extra.

After the installation of NormCap, it can be launched from its Start menu shortcut. It places an icon in the notification area of the Windows desktop from where we can launch it just by clicking on the icon. You will find that there is a pink colored border on your screen. Now you can make a selection of the text by drawing a rectangle around it.


NormCap will instantly capture the rectangular region selected by you, convert the textual content from the image to text and copy it to the clipboard. You will see a notification about how many lines of text have been copied to the clipboard. You can paste this text into any application such as Microsoft Word.


When the screen gets the pink borders, you will also see a cogwheel icon clicking on which some settings will become visible. From the settings, you can choose whether to capture the raw screenshot or parse the text content. You can also choose the language for the OCR processing.

You can download NormCap from