Kingston SSD Manager : Monitor SSD Performance on Windows

These days most of the laptops and desktop computers come with some sort of solid state drive (SSD) already installed. Some economy class computers come with budget in mind and have a very large capacity hard disk drive installed. But now Kingston has been manufacturing some of the affordable SSDs for everyone. They have KC3000 and Kingston Fury  range of SSDs which are both affordable and very fast.

If you still have been using the old hard disk drives, it is time to move on and get one of the Kingston SSDs for your laptop or desktop computer. And if you have already installed a Kingston SSD, then you can monitor its performance with the help of Kingston SSD Manager.

It is a software that can display all the details about your SSD drives. In order to use this software, you must have installed at least one Kingston SSD on your PC. This software works only on Windows operating system. The user interface of Kingston SSD Manager is divided into four tabs – firmware, health, security and events.

Kingston SSD Manager

In the firmware section, we can see the model number, serial number and the firmware version for the Kingston SSD. It also checks whether you have the latest firmware and an option to update the firmware becomes available if a new version is available on the internet.

The health dashboard shows the SSD health in terms of the wear indicator and spare blocks available. It also displays how many and which events related to the health have taken place.

The security tab displays which of the features are available and which could be enabled by the user. For example, some of the Kingston SSDs have in-built encryption/decryption called TCG Opal. We can enable this feature from the Kingston SSD Manager’s security section. Similarly, it can also secure erase the contents of the entire SSD.

You can download Kingston SSD Manager from