How to Boost Audio File Volume Using Tenancity

We all get disappointed when we work so hard in recording an audio file and then see that it has a very low audio volume level. If you play such an audio file with audio player volume turned to the maximum levels, even then you won’t hear much. So what is the solution?

An open-source software, Tenacity offers quick fix to this age old problem. Using this software we can amplify the audio stream so that it plays a little louder. This is done using the effects library that comes with Tenacity.

Here is how you can boost the volume level of any audio file using Tenacity:

  1. Launch Tenacity, press Ctrl+O and then select the audio file that you want to work on.
  2. When the audio file has been opened and its waveform is displayed in Tenacity window, press Ctrl+A to select whole of the audio file waveform.
  3. From the menubar, select Effect and then Amplify.Tenacity Amplify Audio File
  4. In the Amplify window, it will automatically calculate the maximum amplitude (in terms of decibels) that can be applied without clipping the audio waveform. If you increase the amplitude further, you will have to select “Allow clipping” which is a bad idea. It is best to keep the auto-calculated value. Click on the OK button to continue.Tenacity Amplify Audio File
  5. Now you can try playing the audio and see if it is loud or too loud. If it is too loud, then you can undo everything and repeat the same steps with a slightly less amplitude amplification level.
  6. You can now export the audio stream to any format of your choice such as MP3, OGG or WMA.

Tenacity is a fork from the well known sound recorder application Audacity. It uses the same old familiar user interface and adds some extra features. If you have used Audacity before, you will it very easy to use. You can download Tenacity from