Krisp : Filter Out Background Noise for Skype or Zoom

During the last pandemic, many of us had to work from home. We were all using video conferencing software like Skype. But many times when we are talking to others in an online meeting over video conferencing apps like Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom, we overhear the background noise and voices of other people. When working from home, we also heard sounds like children playing and dogs barking in the background. This does not look good for a professional meeting or conversation.

Now with the help of an AI based tool called Krisp we can remove all these background noises and voices of other people. This tool has to be installed on your Windows PC for it to work. The software developers claim that all of the noise cancellation is done at the device level and your voice or other data stays on your PC.

To download and use the software, you have to register with your e-mail address after successful installation. After the installation a small icon will then appear in the notification area of the Windows desktop. We can double-click on this icon to open Krisp.


In the Krisp window, we can choose the audio streams from which background noise has to be removed. We can  activate the application both between the output streams and input streams. This means that Krisp can remove noise from your microphone as well as from your speakers or headphones.

Now the only thing left to do is start using Krisp as the speaker or microphone in the video conferencing apps such as Skype , Google Meet , Zoom or Microsoft Teams . This finishes the Krisp audio setup and now you can use your computer as usual. Krisp acts as an intermediary between the audio streams and input or output devices.

You can download Krisp from