Zeta Resource Editor : Multi-Lingual String Resource Editor

If you are a software developer  and work with the .NET technology in order to create software, then you will find Zeta Resource Editor very useful. It is an open-source resource editor that can help add string resources in a .NET project. We can open a resource file in this editor and then edit the existing strings as well as translate them to new languages.

Zeta Resource Editor is available in form of  a setup installer. There is no portable version available. After launching this resource editor, we can create a new resource for your .NET project and open it in the editor. In the same way, we can open an existing resource editor in the Zeta Resource Editor.

If the resources for strings already exist in one language, we can use this software to add the same strings in other languages. This way the resources can be used in multiple languages. The software will become multi-lingual and the users will be able to choose which language resource they want to use.

Zeta Resource Editor

The software allows the user to add the new strings in new languages in two ways. We can add the string resources manually. Adding the new language manually requires that we know the new language and are able to translate it easily. The second method is by using automated translations of the existing strings into new languages. While the second method is very easy and completes in seconds, it might not be very accurate.

The user interface of Zeta Resource Editor looks a little complex at first but the developers who have been using Microsoft Visual Studio for a while will find it very easy to handle. The software is very useful for the professionals developing software with support for a user interface with many languages.

You can download Zeta Resource Editor from https://www.zeta-resource-editor.com/.