Makagiga : To-Do Manager with Note Editor & RSS Reader

One software that we all can use everyday is Makagiga. It is an open-source to-do task manager that comes with a built-in note editor, RSS feeds reader and calendar. However, its capabilities go much further, because it supports plug-ins that can perform complex calculations, translate words into a foreign language or display maps of various places. All of these features can be accessed from a single window of Makagiga.

Makagiga can be used by professionals to check with daily news and updates. We can also be notified for any upcoming events, anniversaries or meetings through its calendar module. We can keep an eye on the latest updates of a website through its RSS feed reader. If you want to note down something quickly then it also has a note editor.

The program also generates QR codes, presents the dates of all holidays and even highlights the syntax of the code, which will be appreciated by the software engineers and programmers. The graphic design of the tool is very similar to other similar software such as Microsoft Outlook.


Using Makagiga is not very difficult. For example, if you want to add a new task, then you can go to the “To do” tab, where you can also add a description, date, time and priority of the task. Similarly, if you want to add a new RSS feed, then you can copy-paste the RSS URL into the new RSS feed window and click on the “Preview” button. After it has fetched the RSS feed, you will be able to add it to the RSS folder.

Even though only an installer package is available for Windows, the developers of Makagiga mention that after the installation, it can also be used as a portable application. For this, you have to copy the program folder to a portable hard disk drive or to a USB pendrive.

You can download Makagiga from