Vee-Hive : Video Collection Management Software for Windows

Recently I met a famous YouTuber who has been making YouTube videos since 2015. I asked him what he does to the video files after uploading the videos to YouTube? He pointed me to a pile of portable hard disk drives all of which were 2 TB or more in capacity. He gleefully told me that he has every single video file that he ever recorded for YouTube. While it makes sense to keep a backup copy of your videos, what good is the backup of your video collection if you cannot search through them easily.

Imagine if you have 10,000 videos and you have to find just one about a certain place with a certain person. If you had a database then you could have found the video in seconds. This is exactly what the Vee-Hive software does for you. It is a video collection management software for Windows. It is easy to install and use. It supports multiple collections to be created.

Vee Hive

Vee-Hive can scan your folders and sub-folders for media files and automatically add them to the database. For each of the media file, you can add tags, links, and hierarchies. It features a smooth search tool which is said to be more natural than the earlier search algorithms. With this search, we can quickly find the video file using tags and other attributes.

Vee-Hive comes with a tabbed user interface and allows the user to work with a different set of video files. For example, we can open the database of horror movies in one tab and another database (collection) of action movies in the second tab and so on.

Vee-Hive can password protect your libraries or collections of media files. You can even export the collections and their details to a PDF file. This  PDF file can later be printed off a connected printer.

You can download Vee-Hive from