Maximize Battery Life When Using Chrome Web Browser

When we are waiting for something, the time somehow becomes very slow. We check our watch and after a long time we check the watch again just to find that only 10 minutes has passed by. The 10 minutes in waiting seems like 1 hour of the busy life. One way to while away the waiting time is by binge watching  YouTube videos. But this could result in your laptop battery to drain real fast.

Now a new feature in the Chrome web browser can help you save the battery charge from unnecessary processes. This new feature is being called the Energy Saver. It can make your laptop battery last longer. But this only means that Chrome won’t use too much of your matter. If there are some other applications running and  using the battery charge then energy saver will have no overall effect.

This new features can be enabled in two modes – the first mode wakes up whenever the the laptop battery drop below 20%. It will automatically launch he Energy Saver feature. When this feature is enabled, Chrome limits the background activity and the visual effects. This will also lower the video frame rates and disable the smooth scrolling on webpages.

Here is how you can enable the Energy Saver feature for the Google Chrome web browser:

  1. Launch the Chrome web browser and click on the hamburger icon to open its menu.
  2. From the menu that appears, select Settings.Chrome Energy Saver
  3. On the settings screen, select the Performance category.
  4. Under the Power section, you can enable he Energy Saver. There are two extra options using which you can decide whether to enable  the energy saved only when battery charge is lower than 20% or enable it when the power cable has been unplugged from the laptop.Chrome Energy Saver
  5. This is it, now you have enabled Energy Saver for Chrome.

Now whenever your laptop’s battery charge level drops to 20%, the energy saver will become active in the Chrome web browser.