MemeCam : AI Based Meme Generator Web App

A meme is usually a small photo with some funny text caption written on it and which is shared on social networks. The memes often contain humorous or clever remarks about something. They convey the messages easily to the people which otherwise might take many carefully written sentences or even paragraphs.

Until now creating the memes involved using a small photo and then adding the funny text to it using an image editor such as GIMP. Some people have also been using Microsoft Paint for creating memes, but many professional meme makers boast of having used advanced software like the ones from Adobe.

But now everything is going to change because of the AI (artificial intelligence). There is a new meme generator called MemeCam that makes use of AI to find the text content based on the image. All you have to do is take your selfie using your webcam or smartphone camera, MemeCam will do the rest.


To start using MemeCam, you can navigate your web browser to Here you have two options – upload an image from your device or use the device camera to take a selfie. As soon as you finish doing either of these tasks, the app uses AI and produces a high quality and funny meme. This meme can be shared via social networks or downloaded to your device’s storage.


There are a few options that can change the way your meme looks. For example, you can change the position of text and choose either top or bottom location. You can also change the language used for the meme text. Finally, you can also add a few words (after clicking on the “Content” button) so the AI uses those words or topic for the meme text.

All in all, it is an impressive app and should revolutionize the way memes are being generated. We should see more memes flooding the internet very soon.