Disable Windows 11 Finish Setup Notifications

When you are installing Windows 11, you come across many screens where you have to either choose the options or click on the “Skip” button. If you click on the “Skip” button during the first time setup process, Windows 11 remembers it and keeps reminding you later on.

So what happens that you are watching YouTube videos while enjoying your lunch at work, and in the middle of all this, a blue-screen shows up asking you to finish the setup. While this makes sense that the operating system is asking you to go through all the steps in your spare time, it is also annoying and not many people want to go through this. If you also want to never see this blue screen of finishing the setup, then you can follow these steps to disable this notification altogether:

  1. Press the Win+I hotkey to open the Windows settings. Alternatively, you can also click on the “Start” and then on the cogwheel icon.
  2. In the settings window, first select System and then Notifications.Disable Windows 11 Finish Setup Notification
  3. Uncheck the checkbox labeled “Offer suggestions on how I can set up my device”. You can uncheck other checkboxes in the same place if any (usually there are 2 or 3 checkboxes).
  4. Close the settings window.

After this, Windows will no longer show you the annoying “Let’s finish setting up this device” screen. As you can see it is very easy to disable this annoying notification. However, if you have some spare time, you should go through the setting up device process. It takes only a few minutes and helps you get the most out of your Windows 11 operating system. This should be done  during the first time you started your Windows 11 PC, but if you missed it the first time, then it is always a good idea to finish it at any later convenient time.