Ruler App for Android : Handy Full-Screen Ruler

Today we can use our smartphones for anything no matter what the task at hand is. We can make payments through QR code scanning apps, we can consult a medical doctor, we can carry our identification on the smartphone, we can have meetings through the smartphone and more.

Now if you want to measure something, you do not need a measuring tape, a scale or a ruler. Instead you can use your smartphone as the measuring device with the help of the free Ruler app. This app displays a large ruler on your smartphone screen. We can use it as a common ruler and it is very-very accurate.

The Ruler app shows the scale in both orientations at the same time without changing any settings. The ruler app can displays the ruler using the the horizontal as well as vertical orientations. In each case, we can adjust the marker line to conveniently measure anything.

Ruler app for Android

Just like everything else these days, this Ruler app also features two color modes – dark mode and the light mode. In the beginning this app uses light theme but we can change the settings to use the dark mode. We can also make it automatically use the same theme as the operating system which in this case is Android.

The Ruler app shows only the ruler on the screen and hides everything else. Even the menu and settings for the Ruler app are hidden. When we tap on the screen, it shows the Ruler app menu. From here we can change the measurement units such as inches, centimeters, and millimeters. In the case of the inches, it can display the length either in the fraction format or in the decimal format. The app even stores the measurements in form of the history.

You can get the Ruler app for Android from