ADATA SSD Toolbox : Diagnose and Monitor SSD

After you have installed a new solid state drive (SSD), you should also keep checking its health from time to time. For checking whether your SSD is working properly, you can use a freeware tool ADATA SSD Toolbox. It is a software designed by ADATA – the manufacturer of memory devices like SSD and RAM modules. Even though is it designed for the ADATA SSDs, it works for the SSD from other manufactures as well. It can show some basic information for the hard disk drives too. If you use it for non-ADATA SSD then some features might not be available.

ADATA SSD Toolbox is a small tool for monitoring the operation and life of an SSD based on its SMART information. For it to work, you must have enabled SMART in the BIOS/UEFI settings for the target SSD. As soon as you launch this application it displays you the current operating temperature, capacity, disk space usage and the TBW (total bytes written). Based on the TBW, it can also estimate the remaining lifetime remaining for the SSD.

ADATA SSD Toolbox allows you to quickly check if your SSD has an outdated firmware and update the firmware if it is available for download. If your drive is having problems, then you can make it run diagnostic scans. It can tell you if it finds something wrong with the your storage drives.


There is a security tool called Security Erase using which erases all data in such a way that it cannot be recovered. This tool basically restores the device to its factory state. The tool does not run on the boot drives or the drives with more than one partitions to avoid data loss.

ADATA SSD Toolbox can also optimize the SSD and the operating system for faster performance. In the case of SSD optimization, it uses the TRIM command. In the case of Windows, it modifies the settings for superfetch, prefetch, hibernation, NTFS memory caching and more.

There is a benchmark tool that comes with ADATA SSD Toolbox. This tool works only on the ADATA SSDs. It tests the sequential read/write and random read/write rates for the selected SSD.

All things considered, ADATA SSD Toolbox is a really useful and productive tool for all the SSDs. It works very well with the SSDs manufactured by other OEMs.

You can download ADATA SSD Toolbox from