Test Internet Speed with Cloudflare Speed Test

Cloudflare is known for their powerful protection layer for websites and other servers. They also offer free DNS servers for everyone. By using he DNS servers, millions of people in this world are improving their connection speeds. If you have also been using Cloudflare DNS on your computer, then you can check your internet speed using Cloudflare Speed Test. People who do not use Cloudflare DNS can also use the same test, but the tests come out better if you do use their DNS servers on your computer or router.

In order to use the Cloudflare Speed Test, you can just visit https://speed.cloudflare.com/ in your web browser. It starts to check your internet speed instantly.  You can pause the test and retry the same test all over again. In the test, it downloads more than 70 MB of data. The tests are comprehensive in nature and cover everything about internet connection.

Cloudflare Speed Test

In the tests, you should be able to find the information like your average download speed, your average upload speed, latency, jitter and packet loss. Taking into account all of these scores, it calculates whether your internet connection is suitable for online gaming,  online video conferencing, and online video streaming.

You can also view and she WiFi internet speed using this tool. As with any other tools for checking the internet speed, we should use it carefully when no other application or device is using the internet. This ensures a much more accurate calculation and analysis for the data being recorded by Cloudflare Speed Test.

If the Cloudflare Speed Test determines that your internet connection is not up to the mark, then are are some problems you might face. For example, if the test shows bad quality, then you cannot watch movies over  Amazon PrimeVideo. Similarly, the video conference apps like Zoom or Skype will fail to work.

You can test your internet connection speed by just visiting https://speed.cloudflare.com/ in your web browser.