Verbatim SSD Utility : Manage Verbatim Solid State Drives

Verbatim has been around for a very long time in the filed of storage devices. In the 90s, they used to produce floppy diskettes. Later they started producing blank CD/DVD media. You can still find their large packs of blank CD/DVD media on online sites like Amazon. As time passed, they also ventured into flash memory storage such as USB pen drives and solid state drives. Verbatim is known  for their quality and reliability. I am sure some of us still have the backups we made decades ago on a Verbatim CD.

Now that Verbatim SSD’s are available at a very affordable price, long time fans of Verbatim and newcomers alike are upgrading their computers to have a blazing fast SSD. If you also have bought a Verbatim SSD, then you can manage some features of Verbatim SSD using Verbatim SSD Utility. It is a portable application for managing the solid state drives manufactured by Verbatim.

Verbatim SSD Utility

Since it is a portable tool designed in Microsoft Visual C++, we can run it directly without any setup. In its user interface, we can see the Verbatim SSD if found on your PC. It does not work with any other SSD from any other manufacturers. We can check the SMART status for the detected SSD’s. We can also upgrade the firmware for the Verbatim SSD through this tool.

It comes with an optimization feature which reclaims any memory that is not really being used by the data that has been deleted. It comes with a secure erase feature which destroys all the data on the SSD and then restores it in the factory state. There is no way to recover the data once secure erase operation is complete.

You can download Verbatim SSD Utility from For each of the SSD models, there is a different version of this utility. The links of respective downloads are given on the page for those SSD models.