VoiceMeeter : Audio Mixer Application for Windows

Even though Windows operating system comes with a sound mixer of its own, it does not have the same set of features found in the professional mixer software. If you want to use your Windows PC for recording the sound, editing the music and mixing the audio streams from many different sources, then you can use the VoiceMeeter applications.

VoiceMeeter is an audio mixer application for Windows. It has a very unique and modern user interface. It uses a user interface which is very similar to the Windows 10 universal apps (UWP apps). With larger controls, it also becomes useful when you have a touch-screen computer.

It also offer an app for the Android smartphones. With the app for Android, you can control some features of the VoiceMeeter being run on your Windows PC. The Android app for VoiceMeeter has large buttons which makes it very easy for anyone to remotely control the VoiceMeeter on your PC remotely.


One obvious use of VoiceMeeter is to mix the sounds for professional recording. For example, if you are making music, then you can use it to mix the outputs from different musical instruments together. You can also decide the output for the virtual mixer from VoiceMeeter.

Another useful way to put VoiceMeeter to good use is for mixing the sound in real-time for your online streaming broadcasts. Whether you are streaming over Facebook, YouTube or Twitch, you can use VoiceMeeter for mixing all kinds of sound. You can mix the game audio along with audio from Spotify and you have a great gaming stream for Twitch. You can even mix the input from multiple audio headphones.

VoiceMeeter is a great tool to have for all the sound recording sessions and for the live streaming as well. It makes everything much easier through the use of  virtual sound devices.

You can download VoiceMeeter from https://vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/.