Vsevensoft DVD Player : Very Simple DVD Player for Windows

Vsevensoft DVD Player is a very simple and small DVD Player software for Windows. It is powered by the open-source Mplayer project (http://www.mplayerhq.hu/) and therefore can play all kinds of DVD movies.

The user interface of DVD Player could be confusing at first but that is because it hides some portions of the user interface. We can simply select the checkbox Show All Controls to make it display the whole window. After this, you can click on the Open button to select the DVD movie files. Usually the DVD movie files have a file format VOB.

During the installation, you can choose to associate the DVD movie files (VOB files) with this software. After this file association has been made on your Windows PC, you can just open the DVD folder and double-click on the VOB files to play them in the Vsevensoft DVD Player.

Vsevensoft DVD Player

One problem with Vsevensoft DVD Player is that it does not come with the Mplayer files. Instead of the real Mplayer, it comes with a dummy Mplayer which keeps informing the user about downloading the Mplayer files and putting them in the installation folder. It can also open the website from where the user is supposed to download these files. Vsevensoft DVD Player depends on these files and without them, it won’t work. It can be said that it is just a  GUI front for Mplayer which does all the work of playing media files

Vsevensoft DVD Player offers a simple playlist management interface. We can add VOB files to the playlist and then save the playlist to a file. If the playlist has become too long, then we can also search through this playlist. We can make Vsevensoft DVD Player remember the current playlist, so that the next time you launch it, the playlist is automatically resumed.

You can download Vsevensoft DVD Player from https://www.vsevensoft.com/dvd-player.html.