Epic Games Store Giveaway : Never Alone

Never Alone is the new game that is being given away by the Epic Games store this week. It is an indie platformer game which revolves around a girl and her fox.

Never Alone is a game based on a folklore from Alaska – the region between United States and Canada. Alaska has some indigenous people living in many villages. They have many traditions and folklore. Actually the narration in the game is done by one of these indigenous people.

The folklore is about a little girl Nuna and the her red fox. They both have to go through a number of challenges and puzzles to ensure that the world they know stays safe. They go on long journey in search of the source of a big blizzard which could result in the end of the world that they have known so far. The game takes you through a very beautifully designed environment which reminds of the snow clad regions of Alaska.

Never Alone

The game can be played either in single player mode or in the multiplayer mode. In the single player mode, you can play either as Nuna or as Fox. You can also switch between these two characters at any time you want. Since Nuna and Fox both have different capabilities, it makes sense to tackle some problems while playing as Nuna and other problems while playing as Fox. In addition, you can also play in multiplayer mode with two separate players controlling Nuna and Fox characters.

Never Alone is a game that can be easily played on any moderate Windows PC. The minimum requirements for running this game are Windows 7, 2 GB RAM, DirectX 9 and Nvidia GeForce 240. Any computers made in last 10 years can easily fulfill these requirements.

You can get the Never Alone game by visiting Epic Games store website at https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/never-alone-kisima-ingitchuna.