Are You Sleeping? Sleep Timer for Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video

Netflix is making such addictive TV series that one cannot but binge watch all of the seasons one after another. But this makes up stay up all night trying to find what happens in the next episode of a TV show. But the problem is that even if you fall asleep, Netflix keeps playing one episode after another.

If you are watching these shows or movies on your computer, then you can use a little tool called “Are You Sleeping” to address this situation. It is a sleep timer which can be set from a few minutes to many hours. At the end of the set time period, it will check whether you are sleeping. If you are found asleep, then it will end streaming sessions automatically and set the computer to sleep using a timer.

The “Are You Sleeping” application stays in the notification area of the Windows desktop. We can double-click on its icon to open its window. In this window, we can choose the time period for the sleep timer. We can choose a mode – close a browser tab, close all browser processes, put the computer in the sleep mode, or shutdown the computer. After picking the mode, we can click on the Start button in the “Are You Sleeping” window.

Are You Sleeping?

When the timer period (for example, 20 minutes) have passed, you will see a big window on your screen asking “”Are You Sleeping?”. If you do not answer “No, restart the sleep timer” within next 30 seconds, it will take the action as defined by the selected mode.

Are You Sleeping?

Using the “Are You Sleeping” we can make the computer to go to sleep and reduce the unnecessary energy wasted when we are sleeping. It is also useful in auto-stopping the online streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video or others.

You can download “”Are You Sleeping” from