Edge Blocker : Tool to Block Edge Browser on Windows

While many Windows users have fallen in love with the new Microsoft Edge web browser, some users prefer other non-Microsoft web browsers. Today the largest percentage of the total internet users are using Chrome web browser. This is why the first thing that most of us do after getting the new Windows 11 computer, is to install a third-party web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi or Opera.

But even when you have install any of these third-party web browsers, you will notice that Edge tries to push through all the settings. For example, it tries to set itself as the default viewer for HTML and HTM files or it opens up whenever you double-click on the PDF files. This is when some Windows users start thinking about blocking Edge altogether. This is where a small tool called Edge Blocker can help you.

Edge Blocker

Edge Blocker can block the Edge browser on your Windows 10/11 systems. In this tool, you see two buttons Block for blocking Edge browser and Unblock for unblocking the Edge browser. If the Edge browser is not yet blocked on your Windows PC, it will show the large Edge icon in color in the Edge Blocker window. On the other hand, if the Edge browser is already blocked, then this icon is shown in greyscale.

There are two options also available through Edge Blocker. You can choose to Block Webview2 along with Edge but this component might be needed for some other applications. If blocked, it might break some applications to work properly. Another option is to create an Edge browser shortcut on your Windows Desktop to be used if you want to use Edge browser.

Before blocking the Edge browser, you should download and install other web browsers on your system or you might not be able to access the Internet easily.

You can download Edge Blocker from https://www.sordum.org/9312/edge-blocker-v1-9/.