AskAdmin : Restrict Access to Programs & Files on Windows

So many times when your relatives visit you, their kids start using your desktop or laptop computers. And if you tell them not to use a certain program because it contains your personal data, that’s the first program they use as soon as your back is turned. This could become a problem in case of programs like web browsers especially if you have saved passwords, cards or other details in that web browser. Imagine these kids ordering a large order of useless items on Amazon just for a big laughter.

With the help of a free program called AskAdmin, you can save yourself from the unnecessary headaches like these. AskAdmin can block access to programs, files, services, and apps on Windows. It is a portable program, so you can use it and delete it and nobody will be able to find what is locking those programs.

AskAdmin has a small window in which you can begin adding any of the programs from your hard disk drive. In As soon as you add a program, it gets blocked for all users on your Windows PC. It asks you to restart Windows File Explorer for the locking to take effect. In the AskAdmin user interface, we can also choose to block a program for only a particular user.


AskAdmin also offers exporting the ban list of all the programs, so that you do not have to configure them all over again on another PC. You can simply export the ban list from one PC and import it into AskAdmin on another PC. This will be enough to block all the programs on other computers as well.

AskAdmin can also be added to the context-menu in the File Explorer. This will make it very easy to right-click on any program or file to block it instantly. However, this also makes AskAdmin visible to anyone using your PC and they can quickly figure out that you are using AskAdmin to block programs.

The free version of AskAdmin has certain limitations. For example, you are limited to only ten entries and only it blocks programs up to a size of 100 MB.

You can download AskAdmin from