BloatyNosy : Remove Unnecessary Apps from Windows 11

While overall Windows 11 experience is a pleasant one, there are some settings and apps that can drive the Windows user crazy. For example, Microsoft OneDrive is installed on Windows 11 by default and why it keeps running in the background even for the users who do not use it at all. Similarly, there is some “diagnostic data” that is collected from your PC and sent to the Microsoft without giving full details each time this data is sent.

All these settings and unnecessary apps can be removed instantly through the open-source BloatyNosy app. This app can automatically make changes to the Windows 11 system in a way that does not require opening many other tools like the Registry Editor or Policy Editor etc. This one tool is enough for tweaking and removing bloatware from your Windows 11 PC.

After you launch BloatyNosy app, you can see many settings  or actions that can be taken in its window. We can expand these different categories to reveal the settings inside them. There are categories like browser, explorer, desktop, taskbar, start menu, system, gaming, privacy, feature recommendation, and bloatware removal.


Under the browser section, you can disable the telemetry of various web browsers and disable some features in the Edge web browser. Under the explorer section, we can make it show hidden and system files. The desktop section has may settings related to how the icons are displayed. Under the system settings, we can remove the OneDrive app completely from the system.

There are many more settings and tweaks that can help you get a cleaner, bloat free system after  fresh installation of Windows 11. But that does not mean that this tool can be used only with a new Windows installation. We can use it on your years old system too and get rid of the apps that you have never used.

You can download BloatyNosy from