TimVer : Extra Windows Version Information Tool

There are several ways to find out about the version of the Windows operating system that is installed on a PC. The easiest of these ways is by using the command WinVer. For using this command, we have to first launch the Run dialog by using the hotkey Win+R. When this command is used from the Run dialog, a new window opens that shows information about the Windows version installed along with, the operating system build number and the currently logged in user.

But if you think that there should have been more information displayed in this window, then you can try an open-source tool called TimVer. This tool displays much more information that what is shown using the native WinVer tool.

When we launch TimVer, it shows Windows system related information, the computer information, and more. In the Windows section, it shows OS edition, Windows version, OS build, build branch, architecture, edition ID, when it was installed on the PC, the Windows folder path,  the temporary files folder path, and the currently logged in user.


In the Computer section,  it displays the manufacturer name, device model, machine name, last time it was rebooted, main processor, number of cores and threads in the processor, physical memory installed (RAM) and the disk drive  or partitions available. In the settings of this application, we can change theme, color scheme and UI size used for the application.

TimVer definitely gives much more information than the standard WinVer tool that comes pre-installed with Windows. It has a copy function available both in the Windows section and the Computer section. Using these sections, we can check the status of the the information as well as copy this displayed information to the clipboard. This information could be useful for sharing with technicians online.

You can download TimVer from https://github.com/Timthreetwelve/TimVer.