Blockbench : Versatile Low-Poly 3D Model Editor

Fans of Minecraft know what low-poly 3D model design is. The “low-poly” refers to a style of 3D modeling that uses a minimal number of polygons (or geometric shapes) to represent objects or environments. This is why low-poly more edges appear on all objects and everything looks made up of small rectangular shapes.

A low-poly 3D model editor is a 3D designing software used for creating or editing low poly 3D models. Blockbench is one of the most popular low-poly 3D model editor. This can be helpful in creating various graphic modifications for Minecraft, as well as used for rendering, 3D printing or when designing other productions. We can also export the projects for use in the video games, virtual reality experiences, and other real-time applications where performance and efficiency are important.

Blockbench offers a modern and intuitive user interface, in which support for plug-ins and innovative solutions have been implemented. In addition, we will find tools for creating, editing and painting textures, and we can even create a UV map (which means assigning textures to a model’s surface) and template for our project. It supports rigging too using which we can create an articulated structure for the animation.


Blockbench websites shows a gallery of the various 3D models designed using this software by other users. The gallery includes award winning models too. If you are a newcomer to this type of low-poly designing software, then the website includes the quick start guide as well as the in-depth manual and helping videos. There are also dozens of plugins available through their website.

Blockbench is available for many platforms such as Windows, Linux and macOS. It also has a web app which can be used directly from any web browser. In addition, it also comes in form for mobile apps for Android and iOS.

You can download Blockbench from