Epic Games Store Giveaway: Fallout – New Vegas Ultimate Edition

This week Epic Games store is giving away another hit game called “Fallout – New Vegas Ultimate Edition”. This is one of the games in the Fallout series and features an open-world full of action and adventure.

This game of the Fallout series takes place hundreds of years later after the nuclear bombs devastated everything. The city once known as Las Vegas is now called New Vegas. It has become nothing but a big desert. This is where the events of this game take place.

You play a character called Courier. Your job is to take packages from one to another and deliver then securely. One day you are assigned the job of delivering a very important package to New Vegas. Your destination could be reached only by crossing the Mojave Desert. When you were driving there on your motorbike, you had no idea that some robbers were waiting for you in ambush.

Fallout - New Vegas Ultimate Edition

These robbers attacked you, looted your package and left you for dead in the cemetery. But you wake up after the robbers have long gone. Now you have only one objective, to take revenge and claim what belongs to you – the package that you were going to deliver.

As you search the desert for your robbers, you make new friends and meet back-stabbing people. You fight battles that were not expected as you get closer to your goal. Your fate will decide who is going to control the New Vegas and the Mojave Wasteland.

“Fallout – New Vegas Ultimate Edition” was released in 2011 and it will run on any Windows PC that was manufactured in past 5 years or so. The game requirements are not very demanding.

You can get the giveaway game “Fallout – New Vegas Ultimate Edition” by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/fallout-new-vegas–ultimate-edition in your web browser. You can also find the same title in Epic Games Launcher.