BPM Detector : Find Beats Per Minute in MP3 Music

Every DJ knows that if you wanna breathe life into a party, you have to play music with lots of beats. This is why all the cool dance songs have so many beats no matter how old they are. Whether you are listening to 90’s music like Vengaboys or the new KPOP songs, they all have got a high number of beats per minute.

If you have an MP3 collection then you can quickly find out how many beats per minute a track has using a free software called BPM Detector. This software can automatically calculate the BPM data from the MP3 file without having to play the MP3 file. The process is so quick that it takes a few seconds to go through 100 MP3 files.

BPM Detector is designed with the ease of use in mind. We can select a folder using the navigation pane on the side. As soon as we select a folder containing MP3 files, it goes through the MP3 files one by one and calculates the BPM value for each of them. The BPM value is displayed with an accuracy of two decimal points.

BPM Detector

We can save these BPM calculated values inside the MP3 files in form of BPM metadata. It uses the same format as the classic ID3v2 meatadata tags that have been in use for MP3 files for many many years. Once the BPM data is saved, it can be used by any other music player which is able to read the ID3v2 data.

In addition to finding the BPM values for any MP3 music file, it can also play them without needing any external music player app. The player uses the same usual interface and offers the volume control as well.

BPM Detector is a great companion tool for people who want to find out the MP3 track with the highest beats rate, for professional DJs and for music enthusiasts.

You can download BPM Detector from https://www.pistonsoft.com/bpm-detector.html.