DarkAudacity : Record, Play and Edit Sound Files

DarkAudacity is a fork of Audacity, a customized version of Audacity with many features fine tuned for easy operation by Windows users. We can use this software to record, edit and play sound files on a Windows PC.

As the name suggests, DarkAudacity is Audacity with a dark theme. In addition it also packs some tweaks to enhance its performance. We can open any kind of sound file in DarkAudacity for example, MP3, WAV, OGG Vorbis, etc. The saved audio projects can be exported to sound files. This is also full support for the FFmpeg adn as such we can export the projects into a number of audio files formats.

When compared to Audacity, DarkAudacity has many modifications. One such visible difference between the menus of two applications. DarAudacity has much better and everything is very well organized. When you stop and then restart recording, the recording starts from the end of the audio file. This avoiding overwriting important data.


There are new menu items for exporting the audio file as an MP3 or as a WAV file. In Audacity you had to export audio, and then choose the format from the tiny window of settings. But in DarkAudacity, you can export the audio directly to an MP3 file. You can still do things in the older fashion, but these new menu items are there for convenience.

DarkAudacity is basically Adudacity with tweaks, so the user interface is largely the same. If you have ever used Audacity before then you will find no problem learning  DarkAudacity. It is very lightweight audio recording application for Windows with dark theme. The dark theme of DarkAudacity can be comfortable for people working in low nights at the night time. It can reduce stress on your eyes when working for extended periods of time.

You can download DarkAudacity from http://www.darkaudacity.com/.