DiskTuna : Disk Optimizer and Defragmentation Utility

These days hard disk drives have become dirt cheap. You can easily get a 2 TB Seagate Barracuda internal hard disk drive from Amazon for less than $50. This type of hard disk drive gives great performance in addition to the humongous storage space.

When you are using a hard disk drive, you can improve its performance further by periodically defragmenting it. During this defragmentation process, the data of a file is stored in the same location as opposed to different locations. Because the data is stored or moved to a single contiguous sectors, the spindle does not very long take time to read a file. This improves the reading and writing performance of the hard disk drive.

For deframenting a hard disk drive, we can use DiskTuna software. It is a freeware software that can quickly deframent any hard disk drive. It should not be used on solid state drives as they do not require defragmentation. During the installation DiskTuna offers to add its commands to the context-menu of Windows File Explorer.


We can right-click on a drive and choose to defragment it using DiskTuna. Another way to do the same thing is by first launch DiskTuna and then select a hard disk drive partition from the list. For each of the partitions (or folders), we can choose to analyze, defrag, optimize and compact the partition.

During the defragmenting process, it moves the data belonging to a file in contiguous blocks. When it optimizes the drive, it moves the frequently used files to the fastest are of a hard disk drive. The compact feature packs the files together to prevent any future fragmenting. It is also able to defragment the MFT belonging to a partition.


DiskTuna is very useful software for defragmenting the hard disk drives, partitions or folders. If you use DiskTuna every 3-4 months, your hard disk drive will continue to perform optimally and stay in good health.

You can download DiskTuna from https://www.disktuna.com/da-disktuna/.