How to Enable the Dark Theme for Google Bard

After OpenAI made the ChatGPT AI chatbot public last year, Microsoft and Google also announced their AI language models. Microsoft soon followed with Bing Chat bot and now Google’s Bard is ready to be used for everyone. You can visit Bard by entering in the address bar of your web browser. Before you can use Bard, you have to login to your Google account.

According to Bard, a team of Google engineers picked this name (Bard) for the AI based chat bot. It means story tellers who are very creative at telling stories. When asked if Bard can write stories, Bard said that it is very good at writing stories.

When you are accessing Bard AI chat boat through n a desktop web browser, it shows the user interface in light theme. This is the default theme for Bard. But we can change this theme to dark theme. This is done simply by clicking on the Use Dark Theme displayed in the lower left corner of Google Bard user interface.

Google Bard in Dark Theme

Google Bard is also available on an Android smartphone and you can open it in a web browser just like on a desktop computer. You can simply start asking questions through the Google Bard text box on the top. It will direct the questions to Google Bard servers and display the results on your screen. Just like on a desktop PC, you have to login to your Google account in order to use Bard on mobile devices.

Google Bard in Dark Theme

If you have been using the dark theme for Bard and have decided that you should use the light theme instead, then you can switch back to the light them in a similar manner. You have to click on the Use Light Theme displayed in the lower-left corner of Google Bard.

You can start using Google Bard by visiting