Easily Search Images Through Right-Click in Chrome

Google offers many types of image search functions. We can search for an image using a keyword. For example, we can search for “Andromeda” and Google Image Search will display all the images of the Andromeda galaxy.

We can also search Google Images using an existing image. For this, we have to upload the image file from our computer and Google will do its best to find the matching images. This search by image feature is offered through Google Lens.

And finally the third function is to search an image using its URL. If you have the online link of an image, you can enter it on Google Image search and it will find all the matching images and their details.

But now Google Chrome browser has made all the “search by image” functions easy by including it in the right-click menu of the browser itself. Now you can right-click on any image displayed on a website and select “Search image by Google”.

Google Image Search in Chrome Browser

It will open the Google Lens in the sidebar along with the search results. If you want, you can also move the Google Lens results to a new tab so that you can check the results much more conveniently.

In the search results, you will find, exact matches, possible matches and visual matches. You can also search through the text if any inside the image or get this text translated by Google.

Google Image Search in Chrome Browser

While using Google Image search was not really so difficult, adding this feature to the right-click context-menu for any images on any webpage has certainly made it so much more convenient.

If you are unsure about an image being shared on social media and want to know details of that image, you can easily do reverse image search using this function in the new versions of the Google Chrome browser.