Forest for Firefox : Plant Trees for Focused Work

Ever since I have subscribed to Netflix, it has become very difficult to do anything. Almost every single time I sit in front of my computer, Netflix lures me into watching the new episodes of their new series. Sometimes its the new Korean drama Alice in Borderland and sometimes its the old episodes of Vampire Diaries, I have been feeling quite helpless lately. If you are also in a similar situation then perhaps Forest extension for Firefox can help.

Forest is a Firefox extension that encourages you to stay focused on your work for short periods of time. It tries to playfully motivate you to work more and stay concentrated on your project. It is a like a high-school coach encouraging the students to do more push-ups – one push-up at a time.

Firefox Forest

In the Forest extension, you plant a virtual tree that will be fully grown after a preset amount of time. The time can be 10 minutes to half an hour. During this time, if you manage to avoid visiting any of the sites previously stored in a kind of blacklist, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, Hulu etc, your tree grows up to its full height and you will be awarded it as a reward. However, if you cannot control yourself and try to visit these blacklisted sites during this time, your tree will shrivel up and wither away.

Firefox Forest

In the settings for the Forest extension you can add sites to the blacklist – sites that must not be visited when the tree is growing up. You can also add some sites to the whitelist which are the sites you can visit even during this period.

Forest extension is a virtual encouragement extension that helps you to focus on your work and avoid distractions. It is a very unique approach and might become very productive if used diligently.

You can download Forest extension for Firefox browser from