Edge Remover : Remove Edge Browser from Windows 11

After facing fierce competition from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft decided to ditch their aging web browser Internet Explorer and released their new Edge browser. Later they also adopted Chromium code base and released new Chromium based Edge browser which has become the default web browser for Windows 11.

But many people have become so accustomed of using Chrome, Firefox or Vivaldi, that they do not like the Edge browser at all. They do not even want Edge browser on their Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC and are always looking for ways to get rid of it. Microsoft has made it very difficult to remove Edge browser, but an open-source tool called Edge Remover can still manage to remove it from your system.

Before using this tool, you should ensure that you have downloaded and and installed an alternative web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Vivaldi or Opera. You can download these from their respective websites or you can use Chocolatey to install them. This is necessary because you should have a web browser ready for use after removing the Microsoft Edge browser.

Edge Remover

Using the Edge Remover is very easy. You can simply double-click on it and it will do the job. You might see a command prompt window flash a little displaying the message about removing the Edge browser. When it is closed, Edge browser has been removed. If the removal is not possible, it blocks the Edge web browser from running. This usually happens if the Python script inside the Edge Remover application fails to work.

While removing Edge web browser could have become very easy, it is not really recommended. If you do not like the Edge web browser, then just use an alternative web browser. Removing the Edge browser could break some other functions in Windows 11.

You can download Edge Remover from https://github.com/jbara2002/edge-remover.