PDF Extra : View, Edit and Secure PDF Files

Editing PDF files often becomes necessary when we have to send documents or manuals to the clients. Whether you want to create a new PDF document or you want to edit an existing document, you can use PDF Extra. It is a professional PDF editor that offers everything you need to view, edit and secure PDF files.

PDF Extra comes in two editions – free edition and the premium edition. The free edition lacks a few features which are available only in the premium edition. Even then the free version offers PDF viewing, annotating, form filling and digital signing, and 5 GB of free MobiDrive storage.

Using the application, we can edit text and images, convert documents to ePub, Excel or Word format, and even control the structure of the file, project and the entire content of the PDF file.

PDF Extra

The user interface of PDF Extra has all the tools for creating new PDF files, editing the existing PDF files, annotate the PDF files, fill the forms and digitally sign the PDF files. We can also secure the PDF files by encrypting them. We can add, remove or modify the existing pages from a PDF file.

Moreover, you can add or modify text and images directly into PDF files. We can add comments and highlight file sections, work with interactive forms and extract pages from PDF files. PDF Extra streamlines form filling and certificate signing in PDF files and allows you to add comments, annotations and other information to each of the edited documents.

If you feel more comfortable editing a document in Microsoft Word, then you can use PDF Extra to convert the PDF files into Microsoft Office files such as Word or Excel. These converted documents are fully compatible with Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or LibreOffice Writer.

You can download PDF Extra from https://pdfextra.com/free-download.