Epic Games Store Giveaway : Midnight Ghost Hunt

Epic Games store is giving away a hide and seek game this week called “Midnight Ghost Hunt”. In this game, you get the opportunity to play both a ghost hunter and a ghost.

Play as a ghost hunter

As the ghost hunter, you are going to visit the known haunted places using your usual ghost finding tools. You will use your EMF meter to find where the EMF strength is unusually strong for no reason. This is where the ghosts are hiding. You can then use other tools to banish these ghosts into another dimension. Obviously, it is easier said then done. You will find many tricky ghosts and many not-so-friendly ghosts. You will find problems when you find a number of these ghosts sharing the same apartments.

Play as one of the ghosts

When you play as a ghost, you can have tons of fun scaring all the ghost hunters. You can hide anywhere you like such as the furniture, wall, trunk, wardrobe or even in an attic.  You have to hide from the clever ghost hunters if you want to survive. But when they are not looking, you can make them afraid of their life by throwing all kinds of objects at them such as vase, candles, chairs and more.

Midnight Ghost Hunt

Play when the clock strikes midnight

There is a special time for which the ghosts are always waiting – midnight. When it is midnight, ghosts get special powers and cannot easily be defeated. This is when you can open the doors of hell and let the ghost hunters have it. If you are playing as a ghost hunter, it is time to call for backup and hide like a mouse.

You can add “Midnight Ghost Hunt” game to your Epic Games store library for free during this giveaway by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/midnight-ghost-hunt.