Event Log Explorer : View and Analyze Events on PC

So many times when you are running your Windows PC, it stops working and crashes. Similarly, at other times an application stops responding or hardware fails in the middle of operation. In order to find out what really happened, we have to go through the various event logs that are automatically recorded by the Windows operating system.

Usually, we can find out all the event logs using the Microsoft Event Viewer console. But some users might find it a little hard to search for the events relevant to the problem that they are trying to diagnose. For making checking the event logs, we can use the freeware tool called Event Log Explorer.

With the help of the free Event Log Explorer, we can view, analyze and monitor all events logged by the Microsoft Windows. In addition to the local computers, it can also access the event logs of networked computers. It support analysis of the older EVT event log files and the newer EVTX event log files. It is very fast in event logs analysis as it loads all the logs into the RAM memory.

Event Log Viewer

The user interface of Event Log Explorer, you can open a folder containing the event logs or add a computer for which the event logs are to be analyzed. Once one source of the event logs have been added, it can scan that source and then display the logs discovered. All the logs are analyzed and then displayed under different categories.

You can sort, search, save or print the log lists with Event Log Explorer. It can backup your event logs for later analysis. We can also backup and restore event logs using this freeware application. It supports both manual backup creation and automatic backup creation. Event Log Explorer supports export to HTML, CSV and Excel documents.

You can download Event Log Explorer from https://eventlogxp.com/.