SpeeDefrag : Small Tool for Better Defragmenting Hard Drives

Even though everyone has already switched  to the solid state drives, some of us keep older hard disk drives as data backups. Some of these hard disk drives have been repurposed after being salvaged from older computers. I myself have more than a dozen of old and new hard disk drives.

One of the problems that makes hard disk drives slow is the fragmentation of files. This is why Windows operating system comes with a tool called Windows Defrag. It can be launched using the command “defrag.exe”. But we can get a faster defragmentation done if we use this tool immediately after booting into Windows.

For this reason, there is another third-party tool called SpeeDefrag which helps a Windows user make use of the Windows Defrag tool optimally. In the SpeeDefrag window, we can choose which of the partitions are to be defragged. In the options, we can choose  many different sequences for the defrag program.


We can choose to restart the PC, run defrag and then shutdown. We can choose to restart the PC, run defrag and then restart it again. We can choose to run defrag and then shutdown. We can choose to run defrag and then restart the PC. There is an option which forces defrag even when there is little free space.

The main benefit of using these sequences is that defrag works in an environment where no other programs are hogging the system resources. This helps the Windows Defrag tool works much faster and the hard disk defragmenting is completed in only a few minutes.

If you are using any hard disk drive, then you can make it work faster by using the Windows Defrag tool through SpeeDefrag. It a freeware tool that can be useful for optimization of the hard disk drives too.

You can download SpeeDefrag from https://www.vcsoftwares.com/SpeeDefrag.html.