FastFox Text Expander : Create Shortcuts and Macros

When responding to email messages at work, we come across so many messages that have the same type of queries. Answers to these are very similar and contain exactly the same sentences or phrases. We can either manually type these most common and frequently used words, phrases or sentences manually, or we can create shortcuts to auto-type them through FastFox Text Expander.

FastFox Text Expander is a software that makes typing less annoying. Using it, we can create keyboard shortcuts for automatically inserting images, for inserting rich text (that contains formatting), for expanding the text and for creating macros.

In the user interface of FastFox Text Expander, we can click on the Add button in the toolbar to add any type of the supported shortcuts. For example, we can add a text-expander shortcut “Tri” which auto-expands to “Thank you from”. Or you can add a shortcut for inserting a particular image.

FastFox Text Expander

After adding all kinds of shortcuts, you can minimize FastFox Text Expander. It keeps running in the background and monitors what you are typing in all the popular editor software. As soon as you type the keyboard shortcut, it takes action as defined in the shortcut.

In addition to inserting  text snippets, expanding texts, and inserting images, it can also record and play macros. A macros is a recording of input events on a computer. We can record out keyboard and mouse events and then play them with the same time delay. A macro is useful when you have to repeat a task using keyboard or mouse.

FastFox Text Expander is very productive tool to have for everyone who has to respond to email messages or type reports for their work. It can help you type faster and without any errors.

You can download FastFox Text Expander from