ChatALL : Chat with Multiple AI Chat Bots from Single Interface

Last year OpenAI released ChatGPT for the public and everyone rushed to chat with an AI bot. It became so popular that OpenAI’s server became busy for a few days. Immediately after ChatGPT’s immense success, Google and Microsoft also announced their AI chat bots. This was followed by many competitors to release their own LLM (large language model) based AI chat bots.

With so many AI chat bots, it has become very hard to choose which one of these bots we are going to chat with. I personally like OpenAI’s ChatGPT but it is not always up-t0-date. On the other hand, Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s Bing AI Chat answers with references. If you want to ask something from all these bots at the same time then you can use ChatALL. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

ChatALL is an open-source app using which we can chat with multiple AI chat bots at the same time through a single user interface. It is like you are group chatting with several AI bots while they (the bots) cannot see each other.


ChatALL makes is easy to access many different AI chat bots. It supports Google Bard, Micosoft Bing AI Chat, OpenAI ChatGPT,  and more than a dozen other smaller AI bots. Some of the lesser known bots might also offer anonymous access to use them but the responses are not that great.

ChatALL is just a client program and it does not offer any shortcut or direct access to these AI chat bots. This means that you still have to login using credentials if you want to use these AI bots.  In addition, some of the bots are not free. For example, if you want to use the latest updated model for ChatGPT then you have buy a subscription from OpenAI.

You can download ChatALL from