How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Vivaldi Account

Everyone knows about the Vivaldi web browser which works blazing fast and offers a ton of features that other browsers are only dreaming about. But they also offer a free account which bundles together many things – free webmail, free 5 GB cloud storage, and ability to interact with Vivaldi community.

Recently Vivaldi notified all the Vivaldi users that now they have added two-factor authentication for all the accounts. But this feature has to be enabled by the users themselves. For this, you would need a smartphone or a security key.

Here is how you can enable 2FA for Vivaldi accounts:

  1. Visit in your Vivaldi web browser and login to your Vivaldi account.
  2. Click on your user profile picture and then choose Account from the menu that appears. Alternatively, you can also visit directly.
  3. Click on the Enable Two-Factor Authentication button displayed on your Vivaldi account profile page.Enable 2FA for
  4. It will present you two options – use an Authenticator app or use a Security key. The instructions will be different for both. In case of the former, we have to install an app like TOTP Authenticator. Any other app offering TOTP (time-based one time password) authentication can also be used.Enable 2FA for
  5. It will generate a QR-Code and display it on your screen. You have to scan it using TOTP Authenticator app to add your account there. Next you have to enter the code displayed in the TOTP Authenticator where the QR code is being displayed and click on the Enable Two-Factor Authentication button.Enable 2FA for
  6. You should be able to see the message that two-factor authentication has been enabled for your account. If you visit your profile page, it will also show the status of the two-factor authentication.Enable 2FA for

After enabling 2FA for your Vivaldi account, you will be asked for the code generated in the authenticator app every time you login in addition to the usual username and the password. If you cannot find the code, then you cannot login. This is why you should not remove the Vivaldi account from the authenticator app and also you should not uninstall the authenticator app either.