RGB Color Mixer : Get New Colors by Mixing RGB Values

On you computer screen, each pixel has a color of its own. This color can be defined by mixing red, green and blue values (RGB). The values of each of these colors can be from 0 to 255. A higher values gives more saturation of that color. By mixing different values of red, green and blue, we can produce 16 million colors.

But how do we know which color is going to result if we change the RGB values? For this, we can make use of an online app called RGB Color Mixer. In this web app, we an change the values of R, G, and B components using sliders. We can also directly enter the color values in the text boxes. As we change the RGB values, it displays the resulting color on the side in form of a box. The RGB value is printed in this box as well.

RGB Color Mixer

In addition to using the RGB values in their decimal number format (0 to 255), it can also use hexadecimal number formats where the values can be from 0 to FF. There is no other difference but the way a different number system is used. But when we use the hexadecimal number format, the color code is displayed in the format that can be used in HTML code. For example, white color is RGB (255, 255, 255) but in hexadecimal number format it is FFFFFF.

Using this web app, we can also create new colors and note down their values. This is very useful when we want to find out new exciting colors for our projects whether web projects or graphics designing. Furthermore, we can use this tool to find out the color when only the RGB or hex color code is mentioned in a book. This makes this tool very useful for the students and the beginners.

You can visit RGB Color Mixer at https://www.csfieldguide.org.nz/en/interactives/rgb-mixer/.