Set Bing Wallpaper on Windows with Opera Browser

Everyday Bing search engine greets you with a new background image. These images are works of professional photographers and are carefully curated by Bing experts. These stunning background images show our planet in all its vibrant colors – animals, buildings, natures, forests, festivals and more.

It is natural that we want to use these beautiful backgrounds as background images for Windows desktop. Fortunately, setting daily Bing wallpaper as Windows background is very easy using the Opera web browser and any good image viewer.

Here is how you can use the Opera web browser to download Bing daily wallpaper and use it as desktop background on Windows PC:

  1. Install Opera web browser for your Windows PC from It automatically finds the correct version for your PC and installs it.
  2. In the Opera web browser, visit Bing search engine at
  3. Press hotkey Ctrl+U to view the source-code of the webpage. Alternatively, you can also right-click on Bing’s home page and chose View Source Code from the context-menu.
  4. In the source code window, search for property=”og:image” and then copy the web address shown next to it. Paste this copied link into the address bar of a new tab to open the Bing wallpaper image.Bing Wallpaper Using Opera
  5. Right-click on the Bing wallpaper image and choose to Save Image As and then save it as JPEG/JFIF file on your local hard disk drive. Bing Wallpaper Using Opera
  6. Use IrfanView image viewer to open the downloaded image and use the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+S to set it as the desktop background for Windows desktop.Bing Wallpaper Using Opera

Instead of the IrfanView image viewer, you can also use any other image viewer software that allows for setting an image as the desktop background such as XNView MP or FastStone Image Viewer. You can also use the Windows Settings app to directly pick the downloaded image as the desktop background.