AlfaReader : Free and Fast eBook Reader for Windows has become popular for the people looking for classic or old books on any topic. You can find copyright-free books on that have been scanned from the originals stored in various libraries all over the world. These books are available in various formats such as PDF, CBZ, CBR, TXT, DJVU, EPUB and more. For reading these ebooks, you can use a lightweight comic book reader called AlfaReader.

AlfaReader is a fast and very lightweight application for reading ebooks on your computer. It allows us to comfortably read all kinds of e-books or e-comics. We can read all kinds of ebooks using it, but it is specially useful when reading ebooks with lots of image content. It does not take much time to render all the graphics stored inside the ebooks.

AlfaReader supports many different types of the ebook formats such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, FB2, CBR, CBZ, DJVU, HTML and plain TXT. After launching AlfaReader, all we have to do is drag-n-drop these files on its window. This will add the ebooks to the AlfaReader library. Their thumbnails will become visible in the library and we can double-click on these to read those books.


We can customize the view of the reader as per our own likes. We can increase the font size, make the pages fit in its window, make the pages fir width-wise, make the page fit length-wide and switch to the full-screen mode. The program automatically remembers the last page of each opened book. You can easily navigate through the book by clicking on the page corners or using the left-right arrow keys on your keyboard.

In addition to the e-books, AlfaReader can also listen to audio-books of many different formats. It supports the most popular M4B and MP3 audio-book formats. You can get some free audio-books from LibriVox.

You can download AlfaReader from